About Me

My name is Rumena Begum I am a 23-year-old Bangladeshi fashion & beauty blogger based in London. I grew up with 6 amazing sisters who are my best friends; I am third in line in case you’re wondering. I have lived in London my whole life and just recently started taking blogging seriously but never did I ever imagine it would one day turn into my full time job. If you’d like to learn more about me please continue reading. Firstly, I had no intention of becoming a blogger it was coincidental. 

I was academically bright I achieved 9 out of 10 GCSE grades then went onto to study further at college. I studied Law, English, Psychology and Sociology, however I dropped English in my second year. I really enjoyed my two years at college; I became so passionate about Law I decided I wanted to continue studying Law at University. I went to the University of Westminster and didn’t really enjoy studying Law or studying in general. I found myself getting very bored and I lost interest, studies was not doing any justice for me, I took a turn for the better and dropped out of University because fashion and beauty was my aspiration! Dropping out of uni was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life. 

I worked in retail for a good year trying to save money for a makeup course, which was really expensive! I wanted to achieve a qualification on makeup to give me a head start in the beauty industry. After I completed a 5-day intensive makeup course with Lubna Rafiq I used my Instagram to promote myself and build my clientele. At that point I already had a fairly big following of about 10k followers on Instagram and I took full advantage of this and began to promote my work. The more engagement there is on your page the better. It shows you are active and you’re taking your job seriously.

I received a tonne of bookings and I grew a passion for makeup. I was finally doing something I really enjoyed and I was earning at the same time. A couple months down the line my Instagram started kicking off, not only did I upload makeup related posts but I also uploaded images of me wearing different western/eastern outfits that drew more attention to my page. I received so much love and positivity on my Instagram page it was unreal. The more posts I uploaded the more active my Instagram was. My Instagram is open to the public so anyone who came across my page would be able to see my posts and follow if they genuinely took an interest in what I do! I never privatised my account, as a private account would be pointless for a blogger. If you really want to get yourself out there you must allow everyone to stumble across your social media platforms, if they like what they see they will follow you anyway. 

I started blogging/YouTube only because I received a tonne of requests to do so. People loved what they saw and wanted me to take it further. I was a bit reluctant at first, I doubted myself because I didn’t think I’d be able to do it however I listened to my followers and gave it a shot, no harm in trying best thing I’ve ever done. I was so eager to make this work when I started up my YouTube channel I invested a lot of money into equipment as I wanted to upload good quality videos, I was not great at first as I always had issues with lighting however I took into account my followers feedback and always made improvements based on their feedback. Every time I created content for my YouTube channel and received positive feedback it only motivated me to upload more often and make it a full time thing. My following grew rapidly and I was getting noticed by companies/brands. The first step to success is to be true to yourself then true to everyone else, I have full control over everything I do I decide the companies I want to work with, I don’t just promote everything and anything because if I did then no one would take me seriously. Never falsely advertise in exchange for money be real, be open and you’d gain a lot more respect and a lot more recognition. 

I still haven’t fulfilled half of my dreams but that’s ok because I’m trying and that’s enough. Don’t expect things to happen overnight being a successful blogger takes time, effort and determination. If you’re willing to work hard then just know it’ll definitely pay off and it will be worth it in the end. I used to do a lot of work for free just to grow my platform, to get recognised and to become successful. I started earning from blogging only when I knew my platform became influential, beneficial and made a difference to a lot of people, companies and brands. Another thing I did to get myself out there was attend big and small events. At events you will meet a variety of different people from different backgrounds, occupations etc. I found it very beneficial for me as It was a chance to network with people and give them an insight of what I do. Word of mouth is very effective the more people that know of you the better for you, whether it’s good or bad you’re still a topic they’re discussing. Try and attend as many events as you can you’ll always meet someone new that didn’t know about you. 

Get yourself on different social media platforms the more platforms you promote yourself on the more recognition you’ll receive, for example there might be someone on Twitter who doesn’t follow you on Instagram. There will be a different following and engagement on each platform which is always good! I am absolutely obsessed with Snapchat because for me it’s like daily vlogging I get to interact with my followers so well, it has definitely made a difference. On Snapchat once a week (sometimes more) I do a Snapchat update now this is a life update about myself and what I have been up to, I really get to express my thoughts, feelings and share my experiences, that’s what people love seeing because they can really see the person I am. I receive so many messages to do a Snapchat update, people enjoy watching me and usually I’ll always have a positive message to deliver. People often forget that Bloggers are normal people just like everyone else only difference is we decide to broadcast everything. 

Becoming a successful blogger will not be a smooth ride expect the good and bad that comes with it. Always be well organised and think one step ahead, having a structured plan on what you intend to deliver is a good start. Find out what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about and focus on that. If you’re truly passionate about something others will see that and appreciate it. Sometimes you have to make tiny sacrifices but that should only motivate you to do better. Think outside the box, think positive, make things happen and start today!