My Book

I have teamed up with Hashtag Blogger to provide you with ‘Blogging Made Easy’. We have written the guides in this book to help you make the most out of life as a blogger in 2016 and help you take your success to the next level by attracting more visitors and increasing your online exposure. Whether you’re starting up a new blog, have done blogging for years, or you’re running a blog for your business. We’re going to cover everything you need to know in order to have a successful online blog. We’ll also explain how you can outreach and get noticed by brands looking for collaborations.

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Customer Reviews


Great book that explains in simple steps what you need to do to have a successful social media presence. It explains in details how to set up every social media channel, and the importance of your own web site; it explains how to calculate the engagement with your followers, and give you ideas and indications on when and how you can collaborate with brands and monetise your blog. Packed with useful tips and tricks. If you are completely new to blogging industry – this book is absolutely essential for you. If you are advanced user and know a lot about social media marketing – you still will find it useful, as it is always nice to hear the success stories of other bloggers.


I love it! really helpful tips. This book will give you the right amount of info needed to learn all about social networking. I’d Highley recommend. It also tells storys about people who have turned it into a full time career!

A great book for start off bloggers!

I have read throught the book quite a bit and honestly i think its good to read on how other bloggers started their blogging and making it a success. The book is very detailed and it has every bit of information that is needed to start off blogging. But i still think even though the book is detailed it is hard to start blogging at first and its not as easy as the book is telling you. Overall i love the book and i will keep referring back to it to start off my blogging.